Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Milk Bone sells for $200,000 on eBay

      Potato chips looking like famous people have sold on eBay for large amounts of cash. Now a local Ft Stockton man has sold a milk bone dog treat for an amazing $200,000. After finding his mini Schnauzer raiding the dog treat cabinet, Mr. John Aptons noticed a gleaming light from the corner of his eye. He reached out for the snack and when the glare disappeared, the cookie bone strikingly resembled the infamous Virgin Mary. Once Mr. Aptons sealed the snack in a Ziploc bag, he ran straight to his eBay account and uploaded a picture. Bids began immediately, and soon rose over the 6 figure amount. Mr Apton wouldn't reveal the name of the buyer,  except mentioning that the buyer was adding to his collection which included, a homer Simpson looking apple, and a Madonna looking wart removed from the foot of an Indian boy.

      A cult of elf-like woman were discovered this weekend by the Big Bend Inquirer investigative team. Rumors of strange happenings in Marathon were being reported every full moon. Our team unearthed some secrets from a x member of the group who wishes to remain anonymous. The elf lady wouldn't blame the cult for the mischief recently in town, but did say the full moon made it easier to see at night for their tiny eyes.


  1. Dang, and here I have been feeding all our Milk Bones to the dogs with out closely examining them.

  2. I just can't see it,,,looks like a milk bone to me,,,hahahahah

  3. I had something once that looked remarkably like something else...