Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marfa Magician briefly makes Marfa disappear

      Local Marfa magician Alfred Munson has been practicing magic for 43 years. On Tuesday he preformed his greatest trick ever. For just a brief, magical moment, Alfred made the entire town of Marfa disappear. Most residents didn't even notice, but a few people were witness to this amazing feat. Everything returned to normal except two goats from the Ferguson Farm, but Alfred suggested that they may have just wandered off.

      We all have strange habits, but 54 year old Rick Benson from Presidio is addicted to eating Play Doh. Rick eats 2 colors a day and has been doing so since he was 8. It all started from a dare from his big sister. After tasting the bright doh, Rick was hooked. "Some kids ate Elmer's glue, i guess i was just different." 

     A commercial is being filmed for the Presidents re election campaign. The commercial will focus on the presidents plan to help the economy. The spot will be filmed at the new land fill outside Marfa. Subjects he will focus on will be local growth and opportunity.  Besides talking trash, he will also be touching on recycling.


  1. I hope the Play Doh eater eats the color coordinated ones at the same time. . .

  2. I now realize why I couldn't find Marfa. I must have been looking at the wrong time, not the wrong place. I was pretty sure that I had the right place.