Monday, April 2, 2012

Local beeswax found to cure hangover

      A group of researchers from Marfa have released a study that finds local beeswax to help cure the common hangover. After many years of hard research, the case study revels that the beeswax from the Marfa Flats is very different than the wax collected from surrounding areas. When the bees wax is warmed, and then mixed with seltzer water, the concoction is said to eliminate all symptoms of  a hangover. When the news of the study was leaked, local stores noticed a spike in seltzer sales. A few local pubs were also thankful.

      Many birds are returning to the Big Bend area, and can be seen flying in the sky. But Saturday an unmanned kite was grabbing the attention of many binocular wearing folks. High above the Sul Ross University campus, a large bird-like kite has been flying without explanation. No one knows who started the flight, but until officials figure it out, the kite will remain in flying. A similar event was reported in 1931 and the kite remained until 1938 when it was destroyed by a lightning storm.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Terlingua Spring turns to wine

      As many lakes and rivers dry up during this horrible Texas drought, a local spring also has receded to extremely low levels. But instead of completely drying up, the Terlingua Springs has been seeping wine!  This strange event is occurring where a limestone shelf meets a sand bar. A Scientist visiting from Dallas is studying the seeping crack in the stone, and is taking various samples. A few bottles of this precious wine are being sold on eBay for $29.99, and only in a limited supply.

     A Marathon woman will be making headlines as she represents the U.S. in the World Hotdog Eating Competition this spring. Carol Rudby has been conditioning for this contest since last year when she placed 5th. Mrs. Rudby is also a professional funnel cake eater, yet amazingly only weighs 125 pounds. She credits this to her long lineage as pro eaters. Her dad was world champ in 7 foods at one time during WWII. Carol has two sisters that also hold current titles in pizza slices and marshmallows.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Burro fossil found in State Park

      A discovery in the Big Bend State Park has drawn some recent attention. A Large Donkey fossil was found near the banks of the Rio Grande. Scientists are baffled at this find, due to the current theory that donkeys and burros are not native species. This may be due to the fact that when early settlers came to Old Mexico, no burros resided in the area. But before man arrived in the area, the existence of the species may have been possible. Don't tell that to a Ranger who is on the hunt for those 'pesky buwwows'.

      In an undisclosed location somewhere in the Big Bend area, a man has been collecting penny's for 50 years. Thursday, his collection reached his one millionth penny. One of our Big Bend Inquirer reporters were given exclusive access to this copper stash.  The value of a penny is nearly twice to three times is face value due to the price of copper, so this Scrooge McDuck like pile is worth a Precious Penny. When asked, Owner and collector commented that, "No, he did not swim in his collection".