Monday, March 26, 2012

Wizard of Oz remake planned for Marfa

      Marfa has recently been selected to be the site of the new remake of The Wizard Of Oz. This classic movie that was the first to break the mainstream black and white films, will come to color amongst the Marfa lights. Taylor Swift is rumored to be playing Dorthy, and Tom Hanks to play the tin man. Actual filming is not set to start until 2014 and the precise location in town are not yet being released. A real yellow brick road will be laid, and little people will be shipped in from L.A.

      A state as big as Texas is bound to have strange laws and traditions, and next year will begin a whole new tradition. A second leap year is planned to be added to the calender. This will apply to all Texas residents and is said to add 180 million dollars to the economy.While no one has commented on the effect this will have in the interaction with the rest of the world, but is just one more example of the state of Texas's plans to secede.

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  1. I'm disappointed that Texas hasn't seceded yet. We got everything we need here and some things we don't need.