Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marathon lights appear

     The Marfa Lights are world renowned, but Friday, the Marathon Lights put on quite a spectacular show. Many people have never heard of the Marathon Lights, and that may be due to the fact they are less frequent and there are less people where they occur. Instead of being next to a highway, they illuminate in a valley a few miles north of town. The last Light show lasted 4 nights and was witnessed by only 3 ranchers. This time the light show lasted only 2 nights and 7 people saw this rare luminescence.

        The Ft. Davis bowling league has entered many competitions over the years but this Saturday they won their first tournament. Bowlers bowled a combined 6 out of 8 perfect games, finishing in a tie with an Oklahoma team. After a sudden death bowl off, the Ft. Davis Bowling Buzzards didn't break a sweat and bowled a perfect 300! Team leader Tom Fresno said, " Those boys put their heart on the lane and just knocked it out of the alley....".

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