Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Record tad pole caught in Rio Grande

      The Rio Grande is known for its large cat fish, but Wednesday a record sized tad pole was caught. This 4 ft giant weighed in at 65 pounds, and several others escaped the fisherman's net. Who knows if the others were bigger, but at least one of them didn't get away. Researchers are going to observe as this creature grows in to a frog. Scientists say a record will probably be set then also.

       Many motorcyclers travel through the area for the scenic routes way have, and yesterday it became very scenic in Alpine. A female biker named Susan Blevinson got a head tattoo at a local tattoo shop, and it drew quite a crowd.  People gathered as Susan began the head art and a band from the bar next door came outside and played a few songs. The tattoo was a map of all the places she had traveled on her Harley. The session lasted 8 hours and to pass time, her husband got a tattoo on his arm of a bald biker chick with a head tattoo.

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