Saturday, March 24, 2012

Voice of Smurfette returns home to Presidio

      A child star returns to his childhood home town in Presidio. The voice of Smurfette, is none other than Manny Domingo. His family has lived here for 100 years and he was raised on the local ranch, until he left for Hollywood. His first job was the voice of a chicken on a T.V. commercial. He was also recently a guest on the Simpsons, playing Marge's second cousin. Manny joins his brother and parents on their same family farm just outside Presidio.

       There is plenty of open space in Terlingua, which is why a new dog food factory is planned for the area. If everything goes as designed, the plant will include 100 acres of dogs used to test the taste of the chow. PETA plans to protest the groundbreaking ceremony, but says it will settle for a guarantee that the dogs will be feed 3 times a day and have a mandatory 5 hour play day to include fetch and Frisbee toss.

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