Friday, March 23, 2012

Terlingua Sand Castle contest next week

      A sand castle contest will be held next week in Terlingua. Contestants from as far away as Sweden will come and turn Terlingua dirt into palaces of sand. The grand prize will be $10,000, and a trip to the World Cup of Sand Castles. Lacy Stewert, from Jacksonville Beach, Fl said that her whole family has been practicing for this event for 6 months. Her family even spent the night in one of her creations. Good luck to Lacy and all the other sand heads.

       Many events grace the stages in Alpine, and the big top is now in town! The famous  'Circus of One' from Albuquerque NM rolled in to town yesterday and will be having two shows a night for the next three days. The 'Circus of One' was started by Argentinian tight rope walker Abalo Rodriguez. After a series of mysterious events, Abalo was able to take his show on the road with no animals, no clowns, and no fancy assistants. Just a very large, big top tent that was given to him from his father, the Amazing Frederico. What the show will contain is just as mysterious and amazing as the one and only Abalo.


  1. You call that hard packed stuff at Terlngua sand? I guess you could cut it in blocks and build a house, or you could wet it and mold it.

  2. Those sand creations fascinate me. Our river has rocks and sand, so there were sand bars. NO MUD.
    Hope ur going to that tent show,,i wanna know what goes on.

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