Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House made of hay blows away

      A Terlingua man who built a house from hay, had his house blown away in the recent wind storms. Many residents in the area are aware of the violent storms that blow in, yet Marbert Pinkle had been an architect for many years and had designed the perfect straw house. It sat just off the side of Hwy 118, at the foot of a mountain, and beamed grandly in the sunsets. Neighbors weren't surprised, one resident even said, "I over heard Wolf say just the other day that was gonna happen.."

      The age old question 'is the cup half empty or half full' has finally been answered. A Terlingua scientist named Franklin Hammerstien has been doing extensive research on this subject. His findings were recently published in the Journal of Science and there are plans on an exhibit at the Smithsonian. Mr. Hammerstien broke down all the numbers and measurements and when all was said and done, he came to the SCIENTIFIC conclusion that the cup is exactly....simply..half a cup.


  1. LMAOOOO,,,love the 1/2 cup story.

  2. Mmmm. he could have used a few little pegs, you know, maybe three would've done, to hold the house down...