Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apple tree sprouts an Orange

      The desert provides many amazing examples of strange nature, but recently a local tree produced a one of a kind surprise. A granny smith apple tree that grows on the banks of the Rio Grande has been the talk of the scientific community after an orange sprouted from one of its branches. No one has come up with an explanation for this freak of nature, but a DNA sample was sent to the lab to be analyzed. A young observer was heard saying " orange ya glad i didn't sprout an apple."

      A photo has just been released from NASA. On the last space shuttle mission, astronauts photographed the Marfa lights from space. The photo revels blue, white, and yellow light in several different areas Marfa. Still to this day there is no explanation for this phenomenon, and NASA released no details with the photo. The Marfa Lights remain an Unsolved Mystery.

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