Saturday, March 17, 2012

Border Patrol Station hires Mini-pony

      In the latest efforts to protect our country, the Border Patrol station in Alpine has just added a weapon. Officials have hired a mini pony named Karl. While the details on how Karl will be used are very hush hush, the pony seems to already be making a difference. Residents and visitors that pass through the station seem to be in a better mood when leaving. This may be due to the fact that Karl has an amazing smile.

      A great deal is being offered at a local Ft Davis hotel. If you are a professional clown, and you are in the area in the month of April, you are in luck. The Motelli Hotel is offering 95% off a nights stay and a free lunch. The Motelli family heritage is filled with a history of traveling clowns. They once jestered for the Queen of England. Promotion starts April 1.


  1. You're off to a great start with your blog. It's short, regular and funny. I look forward to more...

  2. I enjoy your blog. You have a great imagination.

    Would like it more if you would consider doing away with the fuzzy two word verification. With my bad eyes it takes a couple of tries to guess at it.

  3. All fixed Ms Belinda!!!!! my eyes hurt too!!!!

  4. ... wandered over from TFL - there seem to be K/Carls popping up all over down in the Big bend area...
    checked several of your stories on Snoops and they all checked out! Good to have a reliable source of news in the smaller dangly part of the Loon Star... it's a beautiful thang. Sul Ross is the Harvard of the Trans-Pecos region... or is Harvard the SRSU of Cambridge?... anyway, keep publishing those study results - they are at the cutting edge of modern academia... gotta go see if the clothes are dry....BB Inquirer on or ho or whatever the term is, you're doing clever stuff.