Monday, March 12, 2012

U.F.O. spotted observing the Observatory

      A sighting of an unidentified flying object was reported last Thursday in the Ft Davis area. Witnesses first spotted the UFO above the observatory. Apparently the craft was shining a large blue colored light on the building. Astronomer William Spartan said " we think we are alone, but I've seen things...". After observing the observatory, the spaceship was reported to be attempting to tip cows.

      Rumors of secret shows in Marfa seem not so secret anymore. This morning on NBC's the Today show, The Beatles announced their 5th reunion tour. Their starting venue has been confirmed to be Marfa Tx.  Although, tickets have not gone on sale and the actual location in Marfa has not been pinpointed. Some say, "... but Marfa is so small and so far away from anything...". In fact there isn't even a Starbucks. Also, the exact number of band members attending is questionable, due to some aren't alive and a few might be busy...

      Details are still not being released after 2 men were arrested in a theft at a local grocery store. All that is known is that 6 bananas and a Lionel Richie CD were taken from 'The Food Store'. All electronic items of value and some rare CD's are fitted with theft devices.The Lionel Richie CD was a import of a live event in China. Total value of the theft was over 200 dollars, making this a felony. No information on what the bananas were to be used for.


  1. Just in case you did not know Sean Lennon and his band did play at a venue in Marfa or was it Alpine?

    This happened last year and a local Terlingua musician whose name escapes me at the moment was his opening act.