Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drug bust - 141 pounds of Caffeine seized

     A large seizure of drugs has made national news. 141 pounds of caffeine was seized at the border station Saturday after the strange smell of coffee was noticed from the back of an SUV. After consent to search was  given by the driver, officers found the stash of the drug. After the local DEA was notified, the substance was identified as a mixture of illegal exotic coffee beans from Uganda.

     Residents in Marathon are being warned to unscrew their porch lights after a strange visitor has been spotted. Large moths as big as 12 inches have been swarming the area for several days. The 'Fur Gigantis' moth travels very high in the jet stream from South America to the Canadian border area every spring. La Nina has been blamed for high wind down drafts that have caused these huge furry insects to invade.They have created quite the traffic hazard in Downtown Marathon. On the lighter side, Larry Bondsville, owner of a local car wash seems pleased at the arrival of these visitors. " They could stay here all spring for all I care. I don't even have porch lights.."


  1. I guess this will delay the Grand Opening of the new Starbuck's in downtown Terlingua