Friday, March 30, 2012

Burro fossil found in State Park

      A discovery in the Big Bend State Park has drawn some recent attention. A Large Donkey fossil was found near the banks of the Rio Grande. Scientists are baffled at this find, due to the current theory that donkeys and burros are not native species. This may be due to the fact that when early settlers came to Old Mexico, no burros resided in the area. But before man arrived in the area, the existence of the species may have been possible. Don't tell that to a Ranger who is on the hunt for those 'pesky buwwows'.

      In an undisclosed location somewhere in the Big Bend area, a man has been collecting penny's for 50 years. Thursday, his collection reached his one millionth penny. One of our Big Bend Inquirer reporters were given exclusive access to this copper stash.  The value of a penny is nearly twice to three times is face value due to the price of copper, so this Scrooge McDuck like pile is worth a Precious Penny. When asked, Owner and collector commented that, "No, he did not swim in his collection".


  1. Just how big were the newly discovered fossils of the burros?

  2. Next please investigate Victor of Boquillas, determine the names of his many lookouts along the River, and find out why he did not donate when my friends and I sang him a song.

    1. Worry not! Victor will soon be the singer on the gondola that will be taking park visitors to Boquillas - he will no onger need look-outs.